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At MR Security Services, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise we employ in the work that we do. Based in Klerksdorp, Northwest Province, we cater for all types of electronic security systems and the layout thereof; including aftersales repairs, maintenance and assistance. We offer periodic SLA agreements.

Established in 1999, MR Security Services has been involved with numerous installations, including large companies such as Sun International, Galaxy Bingo casinos and learning institutions, as well as  the mining and farming communities. All our work carries a twelve month warranty against faulty equipment and workmanship, and we service the whole of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.



The equipment utilised for our CCTV installations is of a very high standard and is SABS approved. Of the various suppliers we utilise, Hikvision, Dahua, Avigilon and Bosch products are the most widely used. MR Security Services installs and maintains Analogue and IP systems. We can also provide offsite monitoring. The systems mentioned can also be linked to an application which is downloaded to the client’s mobile phone for footage viewing and playback, anywhere in the world where Wi-Fi or the internet is available.




We are based in Klerksdorp, Western Cape, but we service the whole of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Fire Detection

As with the equipment utilised for our CCTV installations, MR Security Services’ fire detection systems are of the highest standard and they comply fully with British standards. Of the various suppliers we utilise, Ziton is the world leader. We install and maintain all types of fire detection systems for casinos, shopping centres and computer rooms.

MR Security Services also install gas suppression systems with the main detection system, especially being located in highly sensitive areas such as computer rooms, document warehouses and server rooms. We also monitor fire systems from a reputable control centre.

Security Alarm Systems

We utilise only the best available security system control panels such as the DSC range of products which is of Canadian origin; and the locally produced IDS range of products. Every alarm panel comes standard with battery backup. All our alarm systems are monitored by professional companies who provide armed reaction. For the farming communities where there are no response services, we utilise SMS systems to alert the response companies or the client directly. We monitor all burglary, medical, fire, duress and panic signals.


Our alarm panels can be armed and disarmed via remote, via the client’s mobile phone or by punching in a selected PIN on the keypad.


Pepper Gas Alarm Systems

Pepper Gas


The pepper gas systems we utilise are locally manufactured and carry the SABS standard of approval. As with the alarm and the fire detection systems, the pepper gas system also has a battery backup and an LED indication, for arming and for battery charging. The pepper gas system is user friendly and can be utilised as a fixed wall mounted unit or as a standalone portable unit. It can be primarily used for protection against intruders in offices, homes, factories, computer/server rooms, garages, holiday flats or caravans.

The system is extremely effective yet safe. The gas is of a natural composition and is non-lethal to man and animal and is environmentally friendly. Each five second burst of spray can fill an area of up to three cubic metres in less than a second.

The pepper gas system can be armed and disarmed remotely using a standard handheld remote, a mobile phone or a key switch. A radio transmitter or an SMS unit can also be linked to the system, to notify armed response or the client.

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